Letter to PM: BCL says ‘sorry’ for misdeeds

Chhatra League General Secretary Golam Rabbani says he repents all their “known and unknown” mistakes and has offered apologies to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

In a letter addressing the PM, he said, “Forgive us with your generosity and give us the chance to correct the mistakes so that we can repay the trust that you put on us. We have nowhere to go if you turn your back on us.”

On September 11, Rabbani gave copies of the letter, written on BCL’s official pad, to four Awami League leaders to forward them to Hasina. The leaders are tasked with supervising the activities of the student body, said AL sources.

The Daily Star has obtained a copy, which has Rabbani’s name on it.

In the letter, Rabbani said soon after taking Chhatra League’s charge, pressure from various quarters, non-cooperation from the immediate past (BCL) leaders, various conspiracies and obstacles as well as their intentional and unintentional mistakes made the path towards a positive change thorny.

Admitting his failure in behaving responsibly, he told the PM, “Leader, your kids are not that bad, we were made victims of planned conspiracies time and again.”

He also gave explanations to three complaints raised against them.

On the first one that the BCL office at the AL headquarters was untidy, Rabbani said it was totally baseless and ill-motivated.

He alleged that people were hired to throw garbage at the washroom and walls there.

Rabbi then explained why he could not arrive at a programme at Jagannath University on July 20. He claimed that he was late by around 40 minutes which was unintentional and that the chief guest, the home minister, was informed about it.

He said he, along with BCL President Rezwanul Haque Chowdhury Shovon, had gone to Madaripur the previous day to attend a programme marking the death anniversary of Rabbani’s mother.

They returned to Dhaka at 9:00am on July 20.

“The allegation of waking up late in the morning is exaggerated. We attended all Awami League and Chhatra League programmes and performed our duties duly. “

Regarding the third complaint centring Jahangirnagar University (JU), Rabbani said it was presented before the PM in a different way.

He said they went to the residence of the JU vice-chancellor after being asked by the VC.

“… we made some comments which were inappropriate. We offer apologies for that,” he said referring to a conversation with the VC.

Source : The daily Star

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